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Artec SE3P-A Bass Built-in 3 Band EQ On Board Circuit

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Artec Sound is based in South Korea and a very large producer of pickups. They produce many OEM pick-ups for other brands in Europe, the US and Asia. Although their OEM pickups are quite famous under their OEM brand names, the Artecs are still a bit of an underdog (good for us). The years of experience that Artec has can clearly be heard in their pick-ups. All Artec pickups are double-waxed to prevent outside interference. With high quality, excellent sound and versatile options, they offer much for an affordable price.

Product Details:

- SE3P features a pre-wired balance control, master volume, Bass and treble on separate potentiometers with the mid band control and Frequency Range Shift on one Concentric Pot. 
- Each control pots are designed to connect to PCB by a connector, which make SE3P installation easier and versatile.
- High Impedance Input design can match with any Active and Passive Pickup and also Low Impedance Output will keep the same tone from your guitar to any amplifier system without losing high frequency response.
- Using advanced Surface Mount Technology could reduce unwanted sound (Noise) while increasing sound quality and it's reliability.
- ARTEC guarantees a virtually noiseless sound with long 9 V battery life. 
(more than 2000 hours in continuous use. workable voltage : drop down to 2.2 V). 
- SE3P-A features SE3P with Concentric Potentiometer, which is Bass and Treble eq's on one Concentric pot.
- Application : Electric Basses, Electric guitars & Piezo pickup equipped instruments.

Technical Specifications :
- 2 individual pots
- 2 Concentric pots 
Bass / Treble
Middle / Frequency
- Battery clip
- Output Jack (1/4")
Bass : +/-12 dB at 100 Hz, 
Middle : +/-12 dB at 400 Hz ~ 2 kHz 
Treble : +/-12 dB at 4 kHz 
Balance : MN500K Potentiometer
Current : 0.32 mA 
Voltage range : 6 V ~ 22 V
Power: 9 V Battery (Battery not included)

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