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Allen Eden

AE Guitars® S-Style Paulownia Replacement Guitar Body Shell Pink

AE Guitars® S-Style Paulownia Replacement Guitar Body Shell Pink

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Our high-quality replacement guitar bodies are designed to provide a seamless upgrade for any electric guitar. Crafted from premium materials and precision engineered for optimal performance, this replacement guitar body is the perfect choice for any musician looking to enhance their sound and playability.

Made from select woods, our replacement guitar body features a sleek and stylish design that is sure to impress. With its smooth curves and clean lines, this guitar body is the perfect canvas for any customization or personalization project.


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Hardtail S-Style Body Details

Spec Sheet

Body Thickness: Standard 1-3/4"
Neck Pocket Size: 2-3/16" (55.55mm) Width x 3"(76.2mm) Length x 5/8"(15.88mm) Depth
Neck Mounting Hole Dimension: 51mm x 38mm
Neck mounting holes and wire path are pre-drilled.
Top routed for HSH configuration (Universal Pickup Configuration)

PDF File For Dimensions

Parts Compatability

While our body's specifications are outlined above, as a 3rd party body that is not licensed you must adhere to an industry standard variance of 1-2 mm. Guitar manufacturers spent decades creating different specifications for guitars, and not all parts will be compatible due to vintage, modern, and import variances. When you receive your body we strongly recommend doing a "soft'' build without doing any drilling or any modifications to the body.

Weight Details

While we cannot guarantee you will receive a body with an exact weight, if you message us after placing your order requesting a light or heavy body, we will do our best to select the closest match we can. Please keep in mind that this is a courtesy, and isn't going to be an exact weight match.

Weight Guide:

 Alder Between 4-6 lbs
Paulownia Between 2-5 lbs

Body Color Disclaimer

Our colors are not officially licensed. We select color names based on historical color names and what they most closely resemble. If you're trying to get a 100% color match that may not end up being the case with this body. Color variances may be offset depending on the screen you are viewing these images on. Please keep this in mind when placing your order.