Know The Industry: PRS Guitars

PRS Guitars

For over 35 years, Paul Reed Smith Guitars, or PRS Guitars for short, have been manufacturing and distributing premium electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, and amplifiers. They started by partnering with a factory in Annapolis, MD and launching at industry events. After three years, they went from few sales to manufacturing 15 guitars a day. Since then, PRS Guitars has become a major player in the industry, getting clumped with Fender and Gibson as a premier electric guitar manufacturer.

PRS Guitars started by combining vintage and modern manufacturing methods to create a full-bodied sound that fits with a variety of genres. Since then, they’ve focused on providing a wide range of guitars and basses to fit all styles, sounds, and budgets. Although most of their stock is made in bulk, PRS Guitars still provides a custom-built option to fit your needs.

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